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Building Automation


Modern building automation technologies ensure comfort, energy efficiency, security, and sustainability whether in a large building or a family home.

K4TECH is the ideal, qualified partner for designing and implementing applications for integrated building management with a vast array of options including HVAC, thermoregulation, lighting, electrical, security, access control, and fire protection.


Typical examples of smart automation are the following:

  • automatic control of lighting depending on visibility conditions 

  • automatic adjustment of sunshade systems based on external conditions

  • thermal comfort adjustment according to crowd size, external conditions, etc.

  • integrated smart management of lights, fan coils, hot water, etc.

  • The scenario’s management (meetings, projections, events, etc.)

K4TECH is able to develop applications based on PLC (mainly Siemens) and multi-brand controllers as well as on SBC (single board computer) and CoM (computer on module) architectures.          

These automation technologies are also applicable for stage and show settings: theatre stages, water and light shows, show stages, concerts and major events.


Embedded Software

Embedded software systems surround us, from hospitals to trains, vending machines to satellite television boxes.

Whether it's a simple sensor network or a critical application 

control system, the complexity of embedded technology has increased significantly, generating problems in terms of real-time requirements, operational reliability, and safety. Add to this the additional challenges posed by the most recent communication technologies, the Internet of Things, the cloud and the physical distribution of resources.

In the embedded software field, K4TECH boasts a solid background thanks to its knowledgeable employees and years of experience in automation, control systems, sensor networks, data acquisition networks, fieldbus protocols, and security systems in the following areas:

  • Automotive

  • Rail

  • Avionics

  • Naval

  • Telecom

  • Medical

  • Industrial

  • POS/ATMs

  • ICT Equipment (routers, switches, etc.)

  • Household appliances

  • Gaming consoles

  • Home Automation


Artificial Vision

Computer vision is currently among the fastest growing technologies. In particular, face detection and recognition technology based on artificial intelligence is applicable in many areas: biometrics for identity verification; transportation for monitoring the flow of passengers, i.e. underground and railway wagons; and security for monitoring critical and crowded places, such as stadiums, squares or stations.

This technology can also be used for providing exceptional customer service, such as in luxury stores which want to personally welcome customers.  

K4TECH has developed its own computer vision engine based on the latest artificial intelligence techniques and proprietary know-how accumulated over years of research and development that can be used for face recognition as well as in the following areas:

  • transportation

  • security

  • home automation

  • road infrastructure

  • industrial applications

  • quality control

  • contactless measurements

  • robot guidance

  • personal services

  • automated guided vehicles

  • medical

Mobile Apps

Mobile Applications

Mobile devices are an integral part of our daily lives for personal as well as professional needs. Today a modern automation system uses smart devices such as terminals that provide remote supervisory control, from building and home automation to industrial automation.

Thanks to a mastery of dedicated development tools and knowledge of native and hybrids languages for the mobile field (such as Ionic and Angular JS), K4TECH is able to design and develop a wide range of applications for PDAs, tablets and latest generation smartphones running iOS, Android and Windows Phone in the following areas:

  • remote supervisory control

  • home automation

  • telecom

  • industry

  • security

  • client/server applications

  • educational settings

  • games

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