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Face detection and recognition
RETICS technology


Retics is the result of years of experience gained in
developing a number of different projects to fulfill the
needs of our customers. It is a highly performing, modular and flexible software
platform which can process the streaming images
transmitted by one or more cameras for detecting faces and making
facial recognition in real time. Retics software technology opens the way to an
unbelievable number of amazing applications, not only
with regard to security but also in many other contexts:
private video surveillance, industrial area monitoring,
access control, automatic payment systems, gender
verification, passenger counting, etc.

Everyone can access the Retics technology, for which
K4Tech provides three different ways of use with focus on:

  • Developers and System Integrators that need to integrate advanced artificial vision applications into their solutions

  • Individuals, to create simple and effective Home & Building Security solutions

  • End Users that require "turnkey" applications with the specific expertise of K4Tech.

System Integrator

Developers and System Integrator

The Retics platform (Retics Core and Retics Server modules) is available under license for the development of applications.

The access to the face detection and recognition functions is made via API (Application Program Interface). 

The cost of the license depends on the number of installed cameras and recorded biometric data.

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Retics is an integrated "black-box" (server + core) solution very easy to install through a direct connection to the ADSL modem / router. It’s the perfect application for home - remote surveillance, remote video intercom etc. – as well as for business  - access control, badge recognition etc.

Retics SaaS solution is available with a small monthly fee which is proportional to the number of registered biometric data.


The system can be set for both inclusive and exclusive working modes – providing feed back based on face matching with the referring database.


The system automatically sends alerts through the most popular communication apps (WhatsApp and Telegram).

End Users

Value Added Solutions for End Users

K4Tech is able to provide all the necessary technical advice, as well as to develop tailor-made solutions thanks to the experience and know-how gained in over fifteen years of activity and dozens of innovative projects
spanning a large number of application sectors.

Transportations, Fashion, Retail, FMCG, Logistics, Eldercare, Safety & Security, Healthcare, Infrastructures, Social Media Marketing, etc.
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