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Our Projects


Retics Project

Goal: Face detection, identification and gender recognition


Industry: Cross Industry 

Area: Cross area


The project focuses on the development of a software for processing images streaming from cameras, in order to provide an effective solution for real-time face detection and recognition.


PMS Project

Goal: Maintenance of train pantographs



Industry: Railways


Area: Maintenance


Development of an algorithm for the continuous monitoring of the pantograph sliding block, providing alerts when replacement is needed, and counting of sparks during the operation.

fire detection.png

Fire Detection Project

Goal: Fire and smoke detection



Industry: Railways


Area: Safety

Development of an application to detect smoke and flames inside train wagons using image processing techniques.

catch &fill.png

Catch & Fill Project

Goal: Keep constantly the inventory stock and replenishment under control


Industry: Logistics


Area: Supply Chain

Development of an application to keep real time control of inventory stock and its automatic replenishment thanks to an RFID tag placed on each paint can.

data in box.png

Data in a Box Project

Goal: Real time monotoring

Industry: Transports,
Logistics, Utilities


Area: Data acquisition,

Software solution for data acquisition,
monitoring, diagnosis and maintenance.
It is perfectly capable to support
functional enhancements while
preserving backward compatibility

parkings watch.png

Parking's Watch Project

Goal: Parking area monitoring and management

Industry: Services

Area: City Infrastructure

Implementation of a system aimed to detect a parking lot vacancy and tracking of moving objects with man vs. machine classification.

cancer detection.png

Cancer Detection​ Project

Goal: Detect cancer occurrences in patients


Industry: Health


Area: Prevention

The project aims to identify the genes responsible for cancer occurrences in order to identify healthy patients from those suffering from diseases.

Heartbeat alert.png

Heartbeat Alert Project

Goal: Detects arrhythmia in patients admitted to health facilities


Industry: Healthcare, eldercare


Area: Surveillance and patients monitoring

Development of an application to detect arrhythmia due to any kind of accident or events producing high levels of stress in patients admitted to health facilities thanks to Bluetooth Smartbands placed on patient’s wrist or ankle.

step tracer.png

Step Tracer Project

Goal: Monitoring of movements of elder patients hosted in special units


Industry: Eldercare


Area: Assistance & security

Development of an application to monitor the movements of patients hosted in a protected area with alert in case of their escape thanks to RFID chip system inserted into their clothings.

brand's orbuculum.png

Brand's Orbuculum Project

Goal: Behavioural analysis of social media users during live events


Industry: Fashion


Area: Social Media Marketing

Identification and analysis of behavioral patterns related to the engagement of social media users during live events, such as fashion weeks, in order to support brand decision-making.

customer analyser.png

Customer Analyser Project

Goal: Identify customers as soon as they enter the shop


Industry: Fashion


Area: Customer Experience

Client face detection and emotional state identification in order to establish empathic relationship and recommend the products that best fit.

virtual makeup.png

Virtual Makeup


Goal: Augmented reality makeup


Industry: Cosmetics & Beauty


Area: Customer Experience

Development of an algorithm capable to virtualize the makeup on faces detected through real time streaming images.

MY BRAND (10).png

Comicify Project

Goal: Increase consumer brand engagement


Industry: Consumer Goods


Area: Brand Loyalty

Make and shape a real photo-comic in a brand image template.

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